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Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study

Work on Writing:
 Last year I implemented Daily 5 in my Kindergarten class and now I am moving to 1st grade so I am not sure how my work on writing will be this year. I can see it will be a fun colorful center. I will allow my students to use color pencils, markers, crayons and special stickers. I also usually have different pictures at my writing center if they get stuck on what to write about. I allow them to do free writing when they are at the writing center. I usually will make them a writing journal book just for the writing center. For holidays I will have some fun writing about the holiday that is coming up.

Word Work
My students love Word Work and get excited every time they go there. When they are at Word Work they are working on that weeks spelling words. There are many different ways they can practice their spelling words. They can roll the word out in play dough, stamp the word, write the word fancy, write the word rainbow style, and they can use magnets to make their word. When they are finish at this center they can play literacy games that I make up with the sounds we are working on.
Here is a cute worksheet that Mel-D Seusstastic  

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